New Look For Free Sample Frenzy!!

I am so excited - Free Sample Frenzy is getting a new look! We are going to have a new web site/blog. The overall look will still be similar, but it will just be tweaked a little. Some things will be rearranged and freshened up. My logo and header (design at the top of the page) will be ALL NEW!! This will take place anywhere from approx. 1-3 weeks from now. 

There are 2 reasons I am telling you this now. If you subscribe to my blog via email or an rss feed, you "may" need to resubscribe. You SHOULDN'T have to, but since I am switching to a new site there is a slight chance I may lose the email/rss configuration I have set up. I just wanted to give you a heads up - if you suddenly stop receiving emails or your rss feed for a couple of days please, please contact me!! 

The second reason I am telling your this is to get some feedback. Is there anything you would like to see added to Free Sample Frenzy? 
*Store deals for a particular store
*More mail in rebate offers
*More giveaways
*More printable coupon links
*More amazon deals
*More at-home money-making ideas (surveys, reading email, etc.)? 
*Or, would you like me to just stick with FREEBIES only? :) 

This blog is for YOU, so I will take any suggestions into consideration.



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