Getting Started

Welcome to Free Sample Frenzy! Free Sample Frenzy began as a blog where I list links to free - no catch - samples of great products! I have now branched out to include other topics that I believe would be helpful to you such as coupons, making money, internet deals, in-store deals, and more. My goal is to provide you with information that will help you save money in all aspects of your life!

I post information regularly on my blog, but this web site serves as a place to tie all of the information together to help you find things easier. If you are like me, blogs have always seemed confusing to read and find information; therefore, I created this web site.

I will post links to freebies, coupons, and/or deals on my blog daily. When something is listed that you are interested in, simply click on the link. The link takes you directly to the offer, which requires you to fill out a form with your mailing information, etc. I do not list any offers that require payment of any kind (occasionally I will list a sample offer that has a shipping fee because it is a larger sample or giveaway). Do not fill anything out that you are not comfortable with, or without completely reading it over first.

Sometimes the offer will be sent to you via email in the form of a printable coupon. I suggest opening a new free email account with yahoo or google to use solely for the purpose of free offers. This will help you to keep the sample/freebie emails separate from personal mail, and help you to cut down on any junk/spam mail in your personal mail. Many registration forms have a check box that allows you to indicate if you want email sent to you. Usually the check box is checked "yes, send me emails" by default, so remember to uncheck it if you do not want to receive emails from the company.

Occasionally an offer may require a telephone number. If you are not comfortable giving out your home phone number, you can sign up for a Free Phone Number online.