Who Got Their FREE Glasses From Coastal Contacts?

The free glasses I ordered last week arrived yesterday. I must admit, I wasn't sure how great the glasses would be, or how well this offer would work. I was pleasantly surprised!! The glasses were for my daughter and she is very happy with them! Now in the end, I ended up paying around $50 for them. The shipping was around $10, which was no biggie since the glasses were FREE. I ended up going ahead and adding a few upgrades which cost a little extra. So, they really were free glasses - I didn't HAVE to order the upgrades. They came packaged nicely with a nice carrying case too.

If this offer comes round again I will let you know for sure! You will need to have your most recent prescription on hand and you will need to know your pupil distance.

My camera isn't handy right now, but when I get around to it I will add a photo of the glasses to this post.



  1. I did! I was pleasantly surprised as well and they were also for my daughter. Thank you for posting about it! Saved a huge amount of money that way.

  2. I got some the last time they offered the freebie. Had to return the first ones but the second pair are awesome and they return was free and painless.