Heads Up - Toys May Be 50% Off At Your Walmart

I have not been in the toy section of my local Walmart since Christmas. Paul over at I Heart The Mart posted that most toys in his local Walmart are selling for 50% off. He found most of them in a big clearance section out in the garden center. Paul has found everything from Toy Story items to Legos at 50% off! This might be a good time to pick up some toys for gifts!

If anyone has found any great clearance/sale toy items at their local Walmart please let us all know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


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  1. I haven't looked for clearance toys yet but I have some internet printed coupons for $3-5.00 off Hasbro toys. They expire on Jan. 15th.

    I can't find where I printed them from. They say powered by coupons.com and available from Walmart.