6 Free Children's Books

This is a really great offer! Sign up with Pacific Learning for a free 6 pack of children's books. You will get a confirmation email when you register. There will be a link in the email to click on. Click the link and fill out the form for your free books!


  1. Just thought I'd pass on an email I got from the company after I applied for this offer:

    "Our special offer is supporting schools and educators in the United States who have been impacted with tighter budgets for instructional materials. Therefore, our offer is limited to public or private schools only, while supplies last.

    If you are an educator or school administrator, we will verify the information you gave at registration and then send you your free books! If you did not register with your school information, make sure you e-mail the school name, address, and your position to us so we don’t leave you out!"

    So offer won't apply to everyone.

  2. It will great. I'm gonna go order right now!